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The AFB is authorised to collect funds, operate and organise events in Northern Ireland under section 167 of the Charities Act (NI) 2008.

The Armed Forces Bikers (AFB) is a United Kingdom based motorcycle charity which aims to assist former serving members of the armed forces in charitable need as a result of injury or other harmful experience suffered during their service, to resettle and rehabilitate into civilian life, also to relieve the needs of former members of the armed forces and their families.


The Armed Forces Bikers was founded on 25 May 2011 by former members of Army Bikers. The AFB are Side Patched Riders who gained charity status on 5 July 2012. UK Registered Charity Number 1147967 and Scottish Charity Number SC043586. All proceeds donated to the AFB are used for the benefit of veterans in charitable need. The AFB employs no staff and is run entirely by volunteers. The charity's activities are funded by AFB Trading Ltd, a non-profit online shop whose only share holder is the charity.


Every year on the third weekend in July, motorcyclists from the Armed Forces Bikers and their supporters ride either 500 or 100 miles to raise money to fund its grant policy, partnerships and projects. The average time taken for each rider is about 14 hours. The location of the start and finish point is The Manor Bikers Cafe, Bellerby, N.Yorkshire DL8 5QH.

The AFB also organise events in many regions of the country for the benefit of its members and supporters.

On-line assistance

 The AFB has an online grant form and grant policy.





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