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The AFB is authorised to collect funds, operate and organise events in Northern Ireland under section 167 of the Charities Act (NI) 2008.

The Armed Forces Bikers (AFB) is a United Kingdom based motorcycle charity which aims to assist former serving members of the armed forces in charitable need as a result of injury or other harmful experience suffered during their service, to resettle and rehabilitate into civilian life, also to relieve the needs of former members of the armed forces and their families. 


The Armed Forces Bikers was founded on 25 May 2011 by former members of Army Bikers. The AFB are Side Patched Riders who gained charity status on 5 July 2012. UK Registered Charity Number 1147967 and Scottish Charity Number SC043586. All proceeds donated to the AFB are used for the benefit of veterans in charitable need. The AFB employs no staff and is run entirely by volunteers. The charity's activities are funded by AFB Trading Ltd, a non-profit online shop whose only share holder is the charity.


Every year on the third weekend in July, motorcyclists from the Armed Forces Bikers and their supporters ride either 500 or 100 miles to raise money to fund its grant policy, partnerships and projects. The average time taken for each rider is about 14 hours. The location of the start and finish point is The Manor Bikers Cafe, Bellerby, N.Yorkshire DL8 5QH.

The AFB also organise events in many regions of the country for the benefit of its members and supporters.

On-line assistance

 The AFB has an online grant form and grant policy.

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Latest News

AFB Young Patron

AFB Young Patron Dan Richards


I joined The King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery on the 15th November 2003, after Basic Training at ATR Pirbright and Phase 2 Training at the Royal School of Artillery, Lark Hill.



  photo DanUniform2_zps7b1b1a6a.png

In September 2007 I became the first Kings Troop Soldier to be sent on Op Herrick. I mainly worked out of Camp Bastion and Kabul dealing with all the interpreters for the British and Danish. There were quite a few "hairy moments." One time whilst in Kabul in a convoy from Camp Souter to KAIA (Kabul International Airport), the driver of my vehicle hadn't first paraded the vehicle properly and, as we were the last vehicle, we were left stranded and I watched the rest of the convoy disappear into the night. We were quickly surrounded by what looked like the entire population of Afghanistan, and you could hear the stones hitting the outside. Then I was brought back to the initial brief that there had been reports of a suicide bomber patrolling our route! Needless to say Force Protection turned up after about 40 minutes. There were others I could tell you about but it would turn into a novel! Anyway, I returned in March 2008, but the following year on 31st May 2009, the day after I was involved with the first review of Trooping the Colour, I was
involved in a road traffic accident. I have no memory of it but it involved the amputation of my right arm and shoulder, and I broke both ankles and smashed my left arm. When I woke up in hospital I thought I was back in the block, and had no recollection of an accident.... After the story about what had happened I said I'd never get back on a bike again.


 photo DaninUniform_zps2780495f.jpg

After Headley Court I returned to work, got back on a horse and learned to ride again, but always felt something was missing. I knew it was the bike but convinced myself it would pass. Well, it never did, and so after 2 years and a chat with my family I now ride a Yamaha XV1900, which is my pride and joy. NABD adapted my bike for me and Headley Court gave me a prosthetic arm which I think looks pretty cool!

 photo BackonHorse_zpsbde66768.jpg

On March 13th 2012 I was told that I would be Medically Discharged. The following day I had my left ankle fused, and the day after that I was in Tedworth House. Since then I've been very much involved with Help for Heroes and The Veterans Charity. September 2012 I was in the Paralympic closing ceremony in front of 85,000 people, and then I was involved with Bell's Whiskey Advertising campaign for H4H. Somewhere there is a perspex statue of me (and 20 other individual statues of 20 others) for the "Bells Whiskey Bell's Battalion!”

28th September 2012 marked my final day in the British Army and I do miss it, but thanks to organisations like the Armed Forces Bikers it never goes because bikers are just like a family and just like being back in the army. I love bikes and I love the army, so the two go hand in hand. Being asked to be a Patron is a huge honour and I thank you for the privilege. I look forward to meeting everyone at up and coming events.


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AFB Patron


Suzi Perry


Suzi Perry AFB Supporter

Suzi-Perry_pp6I am sure that we are all aware of the fantastic job that the very brave members of our armed forces undertake to keep us safe on a daily basis. Perhaps we are not so aware however of the difficulties that they may encounter when they move back into civilian life and try to pick up the threads again.


To this end, it is really good to know that Armed Forces Bikers is there to help support veterans who are finding it difficult to readjust. I am honoured to be asked to support AFB and would urge everyone to help in any way they can. Please stay in touch with their website to follow fund raising events because every bit of help and support will make such a difference.

Best wishes to you all – love Suzi








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