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Corporate/Business Sponsorship and Donations

The AFB seek corporate/business sponsorship and donations for unrestricted designated funds to help administer and resource our charity. This ensures that 100% of public funds donated to the AFB is granted to veterans in charitable need and other charitable organisations whose mission is in-line with our founding principles. 



Thank you from the AFB Veterans Charity

I want to extend my sincere gratitude to the Moondance Foundation for their contribution of £30,000 to the Armed Forces Bikers Veterans Charity.

Moondance Mission Statement

To prevent or relieve poverty, support the welfare and well-being of women, children, the elderly and the vulnerable in our society, improve health outcomes, raise educational standards and preserve our environment for future generations.
Moondance tries to be as flexible as possible and supports organisations that have a transformational impact in their communities in Wales and beyond.

I would encourage you all to visit their website and see the outstanding contribution they are making and the work they are doing for veterans through us and other veterans’ charities.




Poppy Playgrounds is built on the foundation that we give something back, for that reason we give over fifty percent of our employment opportunities to ex forces personnel. We believe in supporting soldiers on their re-settlement into civilian life. Because of this we have trustworthy and dedicated teams who are diligent and attentive to the needs of the projects they undertake.

Not only do we do that, 10% of all of our profits go to re-homing soldiers. And we get regular feedback from the veterans lives we change to follow their stories.

Through the work we create we can help support charities that go above and beyond the call of duty to bring much needed care to veterans.

Poppy Playgrounds are committed to donating a percentage of their profits to the AFB.

Visit their website:

Contact Details:

Mobile: 01706 619264
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More Birds Than Bullets

School Boy - Birdwatcher - Soldier - Counsellor

My Life With Birds


Geoffrey McMullan BEM, MSc

Ever wondered, what it would be like to combine your interests with your career? Being a British Soldier allowed me to do just that. The stories are based on my experiences; with birds, people, and the places I have visited. I hope you find the book amusing, unbelievable and maybe even shocking.

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More Birds Than Bullets

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Website Link: https://morebirdsthanbullets.yolasite.com/


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The Author

Geoffrey served in the Royal Regiment of Artillery for 22 years and 4 days, retiring as a Staff Sergeant.

A keen birder and conservationist he was awarded the British Empire Medal by the Queen for his services to Conservation and Anglo-German Relations by establishing a Nature Reserve called the Zachariassee, which is in Germany and has been in existence for over 27 years.

Geoffrey completed a Master’s (MSc) in Addiction Psychology and Counselling at London’s Southbank University, his research looked into ‘Exploring How People with Addictions Experienced Nature-Awareness as a Therapeutic Intervention’.

After attending university Geoffrey went on to develop Nature Awareness into what is now known as Natural Awareness as a therapeutic intervention, which looks at and investigates behaviours. This concept came into existence in 2005 when he began working with addictions and has since been successfully used throughout the UK, Europe and the USA.

Geoffrey has illustrated bird books and leaflets for rare/extinct worldwide bird programmes, and he is the author of the DNA series (Discover Nature Awareness) and soon to be released book: ‘A COP in Bandit country’.



AFB Tree Care Ltd have agreed to fund AFB Trading Ltd (Non-Profit Organisation) this year, and contribute to the charity's running costs in subsequent years (agreement Signed 12/6/2020) 

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The following are Corporate/Business Sponsorship and Donations by regions

North East Cohort (agreement Signed 14/3/2018)

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North East Cohort (agreement Signed 26/11/2018)


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